About Us

Our founder Nuri Enis ERALP graduated from Ankara Ted College and department of electronics of Aachen University, Germany and participated in fairs and courses of Yamaha diesel engines in Japan and fiber boat production in the USA. He has worked for long years with Yamaha Marine Japon, Larson Boats USA, Glastron Boats USA, Mastercraft Boats USA, Silverton Boats, Ovation Yachts USA, Selva Marin Italy, Marine Diesel Sweden companies and still works.

He had the opportunity to examine performances all boats by managing a number of water sports stations in Marmaris between the years of 1985-1995 by observing as being a researcher engineer Msc. And founded ENMA Marine in the beginning of 1996 to produce the best boat. He transferred his experience gained from the leading companies of the marine sector in the country and all around the world for long years to the production unit which has been the main line of business for the last 20 years and the company performs the production of about 30 models in 6 series for fiberglass boats (4-11 m), about 20 different models in 4 series in inflatable boats (2,7-5 m) as all production stages are realized within its structure.

ENMA has been supplying propeller for all engine brands as being the country distributor of SOLAS propellers as the biggest supplier of our country for 20 years as well as fiber boat and inflatable boat production under ENMA brand and is the authorized dealer and service station of marine engines such as Yamaha and Suzuki and services provided include wintering, maintenance, modification and repair services and also it provides water sports services at 4 stations in Marmaris gulf and it can test the boats it produces in the sea.

ENMA which has been a consumer/user for long years because of experienced colleagues with who it has been working for years in water sports management field and being distributor reflects unique experience gained by being private/commercial user, producer/importer, heavy duty/amateur user, buyer/seller, service/customer. This experience also reflects the main difference of ENMA brand being of unique position in the sector.

Our boats produced with the brand of ENMA sail in 4 continents in all world seas from Maldives to Jamaica, from Adriatic Coasts to Norway, from Russia to Egypt from Jordan to Romania from France to Germany and from Israel to Greece and make us feel right proud of it.

Flying Turkish origin in all of our boats all around the world is our biggest earning and pride.

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