We as ENMA MARINE have been producing SOLAS performance propeller, we are Turkey distributor, all inboard and outboard engine brands and top level propeller for jet ski for about 20 years and it is the most prevalent brand all over the world.

Product range: 2,5 hp - 400 hp outboard and inboard engines

Brands: Mercury - Mariner - Mercruiser, Johnson - Evinrude, Yamaha, Suzuki, Tohatsu - Nissan, Honda, Parsun, Hidea, Selva, VolvoPenta, Yanmar.

  • The brand you can find for the jet ski and marine engines for the most affordable price and different options
  • SOLAS performance propellers are more powerful and longer service life than other propellers.
  • Paint is 4-coat in SOLAS aluminum propellers. This process ensures perfect anti-corrosion performance by use of high-technology superior coating painting.
  • SOLAS Aluminum propellers are subject to tests for above 500 hours in a salty water spraying tank. This test simulates time more than 6 months by use of ordinary salty water.

Smooth, sound, high-precision overall performance …

All SOLAS products are the unique products of propeller process. By means of theoretical calculations, geometric designs, prototype tests, pilot production and on-site tests, SOLAS propellers are designed to meet various requirements of the customers.

Unique Durability

Rates of chrome, nickel and molybdenum used in SOLAS stainless steel propellers are the highest rates in the propeller industry. Accordingly, anti-corrosion and long-service life is guaranteed. 


FLYBOARD is the indispensable activity of almost all water sports stations. However, for running requirements such as high speed and continuous performance, it tires jet ski engines highly. Significant problems including engine gasket failure can occur in about 200-hour running based on the observations experienced and made. The single solution for not to give up FLYBOARD activity and to extend the service-life of the Jet Ski is the twin prop. FLY SERIES twin chrome jet ski propeller being the patented product of SOLAS brand we are Turkey’s distributor is offered for your use with the assurance of the official distributor, ENMA, the biggest propeller distributor of Turkey.


Three blades or four blades?

Generally 3-blade propeller is the more widespread product. Wide dimension range is applicable for 3-blade propellers and it is more cost effective than 4-blade propellers. 3-blade propellers achieve higher speed than 4-blade propellers. 

Should we choose 3-blade propeller or 4-blade propeller?​​​​​​​

3-blade propeller generally provides the highest speed performance, while 4-blade propellers provide maximum driving and relatively smooth navigation operation. 4-blade is generally preferred to help to accelerate the sailing if the bottom is heavy and boat is bigger compared to the engine. However, it can be achieved by pitch setting in 3-blade propellers. 4-blade propellers have better effect at the stage of sailing since blades are small. Average speed range 3-blade propellers are preferred for fuel economy and speed advantages.

As a conclusion, choosing a proper propeller achieving the correct engine speed for your boat based on the information provided by the boat producer is important. As it is seen, it is not said that 3-blade or 4-blade is better, superior, etc. however, 3-blade propellers are preferred more all over the world for reasons of high performance values and product range and being more economical. 1-2 pitch measure variation should be considered to catch the engine speed while passing from 3-blade to 4-blade or vice versa.

Right or left turn?​​​​​​​
Standard sailing direction is right turn in single engine all around the world. In other words, propeller in running engine covers distance by turning right (clockwise). In dual machine use, left turn (anti-clockwise) shaft expressed as the reverse turn in the engine on the left and therefore left turn propeller is used for more stabile navigation and eliminating the force of gravity emerging while turning to right.


Propellers vary by the diameter-pitch values and numbers of milling cutter. Diameter is the dimension prepared by the plant by the brand and model as a standard. Generally, pre-determined standard diameter dimension is used for all brands and models. The main objective for diameter dimension is to achieve maximum engine speed recommended by the engine brand in the range of 5000-6000 rpm.


Pitch expresses the distance covered in a tour of the blade in inch theoretically. For instance, pitch measure is the most significant measure for choosing the propeller and check whether the propeller achieves the proper engine speed or not. For choosing correct propeller, there are many variables such as boat base structure, type of sailing, fresh water salty water utilization productivity difference, etc. However, it should not be forgotten that correct selection will result in fuel saving, performance and general productivity.  


Oblique angle production is specific to SOLAS. The main aim is to minimize losses to arise from different external factors for the propeller (Exhaust ports, upward position of engine connection line, etc.).


It is a technique used to increase propeller performance under certain conditions. While inclined blade propeller minimizes the cavitations under heavy loads, it shows very high productivity at high speeds. This feature of the propeller becomes automatically active within certain operation limits. It does not affect the sailing at lower levels.

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