Welcome to the smooth comfort by means of open deck lay-out, comfortable and spacious console cabinet, WC and basin equipment, high board and ENMA-designed tunnel shaft system.


WIDTH : 2,59 mt LENGTH : 8,15 mt WEIGHT : 1.250 kg ENGINE : 150 Hp - 370 Hp

This model offering wide use area by its completely open upper deck structure is very enjoyable for daily excursions and fishing. It is an indispensable models for daily use by its semi-tunnel base structure fit for inboard or outboard engine and changing room and WC cabinet where you can stand up. 

Semi-tunnel system:

It is one of the top level hull specifications for direct shaft inboard engines. Corridor built in this system increases performance and stability.

Combination of direct shaft mechanism in this system allows long-year smooth sailing.

Engine weight located in the middle of boat gravity center by the direct shaft system maximizes the balance level of the boat compared to tail engine or outboard engine models. Therefore, fishing fans will not have any problems of balance while struggling with the hunt and can rotate the boat at 360 degrees.

Large boat structure and back deck, being completely open for the use and no barrier to prevent the fishing activity increases the hunting pleasure.

Live fish ponds located in wide volume and easily accessible areas keep the fish fresh all day long.

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