New T1 model jet ski engine produced by YAMAHA, being the most important actor of marine engine producers by use of long-year of experience and knowledge gained all around the world was made 40% smaller than the old generation engines and lightened in the rate of 25% and made stronger as 12,7%.


WIDTH : 170 cm LENGTH : 3,30 mt WEIGHT : 345 kg ENGINE : 120 HP

We are proud of producing the first and single mass production jet boat of Turkey by combining this superior engine with ENMA brand which has been carrying on production by long-year of knowledge.

It is unrivalled by means of Vinlester composite hull structure, 4+1 sitting capacity, world-recognized boat equipment (CEREDI-SCOVENA MAPLA etc.) and +45 mph speed by 120 hp power.

ENMA JETRIB adopting YAMAHA T1 model completely for steer, turbine, electronic and mechanical engine equipment is unrivalled owing to many superior features such as easy service around the country, engine superiority, being more cost-efficient than the import competitors.

Home product ENMA Jetboat gains its place in the market with affordable price options up to 40% than import competitor brands.

Standard Accessory

Yamaha multi-functional digital indicator, stairs, reverse gear, water ski becket, 3 pieces U-becket, navigation lights, prow anchor cabinet, battery box, battery off switch, automatic bilge pump, jet bilge pump, 4 pieces deck cleats, lifting lug, small tube, fresh water engine washing inlet, glass holder, gas damper hood, Yamaha fuel sensor, floor lighting, emergency stop button, electrical engine ventilation, fuse panel, Ceredi Italian, 5 l pump/ repair kit

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